"An inquiry into what is already felt but not yet visible. A performative exploration striving to excavate how experiences, reality and imagination of otherness manifest in the physical. Embracing provocations of the Xenofeminist manifesto, it offers an invitation to imagine a realm for multitude – a speculative future."

Isabella Oberlàˆnder is a freelance dance artist and choreographer based in Limerick, Ireland, and originally from Mistelbach, Lower Austria. Isabella studied at the Institute for Dance Arts – Anton Bruckner University Linz, Austria. She has been guest teacher at the University of Limerick world academy of music and dance, the Firkin Crane in Cork and Dance Limerick. Her work engages in choreographic frameworks that encourage the performer to be present and articulate in body and thought. In addition to her own practice, she curated “Mind in the Flesh: Female Bodies in Contemporary Performance” in conjunction with Dance Limerick in 2014. Isabella is Chair of the Dance Strand at LACE, Limerick Arts and Cultural Exchange since 2015. She is a member of Limerick Dance Collective (LDC) since 2015, which facilitates open laboratories, peer to peer exchange and performance opportunities Isabella has worked with Vivienne Dick on the experimental film “Red Moon Rising”, which premiered at London Film Festival 2015. Currently, Isabella is working with Amanda Coogan, “I’ll sing you a song from around town”, performance installation at Limerick City Gallery of Art.

Dance Artist

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